• Professional and Pragmatic
    Solutions in
    Data Protection Law
    and IT Law
    Dr. Thomas Helbing
    Bar Certified Specialist Lawyer for IT Law

Who I Am

Education, Work Life, Experience

Learnt from the Big Ones

Five years work experience at HoganLovells, a leading internation law firm. 

Real Life Data Protection

Head of "Compliance Data Protection" at a German DAX-30 enterprise, responsible for the global data protection programme

Putting on the Hoodie

Founder of an online media startup, fully self-coded

With Cap and Honors

Ph.D. in telecommunications law and two state exams "with honors" (each with two-digit points)

What I Do

Expertise and Specialization

  • drafting, reviewing, advising
  • internal policies and processes
  • design and implementation of Data Protection Management Systems
  • contract drafting and negotiation
  • data protection policies (notices)
  • data protection consents
  • enforcement of interests
  • contract drafting, terms and conditions
  • litigation
  • advice
  • Cloud-Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics
  • Online Marketing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Finance, FinTec
  • Compliance
  • Apps 


How I Work

Vision and Motivation


strong specialisation
good technical understanding 
IT industry knowledge
passion for the Digital Economy 

Solution Oriented

alignment with the client's objectives
showing available options
explanation of risks and opportunities 
specific recommendations


risk-oriented advice
understandable presentation
alignment to the audience 
economic thinking


transparent fees
fair billing
long-term business relations
friendly working atmosphere


strictly limited daily working hours
use of digital tools 
minimized fixed costs